PPE Heavy Duty Raw Cast Aluminum 14 Bolt Rear Axle Cover 01-19 GM 2500HD 3500HD

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PPE Heavy Duty Raw Cast Aluminum 14 Bolt Rear Differential Cover

2001-2019 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 2500HD 3500HD

Red color not included 


Made in the USA from high-quality cast aluminum for strength and optimum heat dissipation. PPE’s differential covers offer industry-leading fluid cooling. Equipped with internal heat sinks and external cooling fins, increasing the pan’s surface area helping dissipate heat. This makes for a much cooler and denser oil. Cool, dense fluid lubricates better, which will extend differential service life. 



To keep the fluid clean, PPE installed its exclusive high-powered Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug will pull harmful ferrous metal particles right out of the oil before they have a chance to attack the bearings and gears.



Increased oil capacity

Cast from high-grade aluminum alloy

Significant reduction in differential fluid temps

Adds additional strength to gear housing

Billet 304 stainless steel Neodymium magnet equipped fill plug

Limited lifetime warranty


Available in three finishes